show me the bedroom floor

pleas e explain this

I cannot/will not take Any of you seriously. Foreal? This crusty ass old man make ya pussy wet? Foreal? Stop lying foreal.

i have a book review that’s due tomorrow. it’s on  t.r. reid’s the healing of america: a global quest for better, cheaper, and fairer health care.

what’s a polite alternative for “this book makes me wanna lash out irrationally”


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show me the bedroom floor

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…I am all for using capitalism to target people who probably consider themselves anti-capitalist, because I am a child and it makes me giggle. —TV’s Andy Levy (via kekse01)
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…and look who’s here, he left his talking car at home. It’s TV’s Knight Rider, otherwise known as Fonzie Levy.

hello there, the angel from my nightmare

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Get your “Cool” book tour shirt yet?

would wear this

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